Weight Loss Diet: Banana apricot smoothie unites two nutritious leafy foods a melange of sweet and tangy flavors. Both banana and apricot brag of high fiber content and are plentiful in vitamin C.

Smoothie is a full bundle of ‘health’ and ‘taste’. Made with organic products, milk as well as curd, water with the extra decency of nuts and seeds, smoothie is as reviving as it is nutritious.

Flawless to extinguish you thirst and craving simultaneously, this beverage can be effectively made at home with nourishments of your decision. Here we have an incredibly valuable formula of banana apricot smoothie that simply doesn’t taste extraordinary; it might likewise quicken weight reduction and boost immunity.

Banana apricot smoothie unites two profoundly nutritious fruits and creates a magical melange of sweet and tangy flavors. Both banana and apricot gloat of high fiber content and are plentiful in cancer prevention agents like vitamin C, making them ideal for your weight reduction and invulnerability boosting diet.

The softness and pleasantness of banana and milk, blended in with tartness and acridity of apricot and curd, makes a healthy beverage that essentially tastes eminent. Dried apricots are accessible throughout the entire year and can be effectively found in supermarkets and leafy foods markets. On the off chance that you can utilize new apricots, it’s far and away superior.

Banana Apricot Smoothie Recipe –

(Makes 1 glass)

Ingredients –

1 banana

3 dried apricots

2 tbsp curd

1 cup milk

Half glass cold water

1 tbsp honey

A spot of cinnamon powder

Technique –

Step 1 – Peel and cut banana into little pieces. Slash apricots into little pieces. On the off chance that you are utilizing new apricots, de-seed them.

Step 2 – Toss the organic products in the blender container. Include water and mix till the natural products are completely squashed.

Step 3 – Add curd, milk, cinnamon powder and honey, and mix once more. Pour the smoothie in a glass, top it with ice shapes or refrigerate for quite a while and serve.

You may include dry fruits, nuts and seeds of your decision and mix them with the fruits, or you may sprinkle nuts and seeds later on the head of the smoothie before serving.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to include whatever else aside from the fruits, it’s alright; this smoothie as of now accompanies the goodness of the two fruits proffering different health advantages.

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