Blizzard has recently launched a wonderful job board on the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. It is named as Guilds & Communities Finder. It can easily be found by pressing the default hotkey i.e. “J”.

Players or you may say gamers will be able to make use of this menu to search for communities and guilds. It is indeed a great feature that has been introduced in the game via Blizzard. It will be streamlining the guild recruiting particularly for the serious PvP and PvE guilds. Players will be capable of searching for all the elements that they need and search for in a community or a guild.  

A player of WoW may also look for a guild of certain size. A player may be willing to find a smaller guild to come up with more personalized relationships. One may also look for the bigger guild having the capability to partake in the end game content. Class roles can be looked as well. Players are allowed to check and see what guilds are recruiting their specific class.

This overall menu looks nothing lesser like a job board. In these engines, guilds will be positing what they are looking for to bring value to the guild. May be it is a hardcore raiding guild which is known to be playing weeknights. These raiding guilds then need a Mage. This specific feature can be used for advertising that.

The guild will be choosing a recruitment officer and a person that will be overseeing the posting. The posting will need an application from the players. The officer will either sift through the applications or may turn on the auto-accept option.

This is indeed an exciting thing for the hardcore guilds. Rather than spamming the different chats, they may use the guilds and community finder. The application based element will enable the player to let the guild know their specialization. It also allows the players to write whatever they feel like in a note.

This Golden Joystick’s PC game of the year WoW Classic reviewed some of the hotfixes alongwith the Battle for Azeroth’s achievements and 15th anniversary of WoW.


  • Players having multiple accounts will see the Mecha-Done achievement on each as soon as its completed
  • There will not be any delays when the Guardian of Azeroth pet casts while the owner has his higher levels of haste

WoW’s 15th anniversary:

  • A bug was causing Outlaw Rouges via Killing Spree against the Ragnaros to teleport in to some different encounter, it has been fixed
  • Players lose their anniversary buff due to an issue which has been fixed
  • Korraks revenge feature Commanders Karl as well as Lousi Phillips having same health as Commanders Malgor and Duffy
  • If Korrak is led 100 yards away from the spawn point then he will reset and evade the enemy attackers

WoW Classic:

  • Players swapping the engineering specialization will have the available membership card renewal requests
  • A bug is fixed that does not allow threat levels to drop from Rogue while the players use vanish

Have a look at the World OfWarcraft: Battle For Azeroth Receives Guilds And Communities Finder Along With Hot Fixes and enjoy.

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