The GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management also known as the AAFM American Academy of Financial Management  are the 1st in the USA United States to become  ISO 29990 Certified and a TUV Accredited Body for Training and Certification. 

GAFM ® Certifications are globally recognized and structured on accredited standards. In the USA most certifications are offered to graduates of exams and courses of ACBSP and AACSB nationally accredited business schools.  Read the certification requirements.

 The GAFM confers board certifications and designations in management consulting, financial analysis, risk management, management accounting, project management, economics, leadership, trust and estates, asset management, portfolio management and wealth management.

The GAFM offers 3 certification paths: 1) By Exam 2) By Specialized Course Training 3) By Taking courses and diplomas at accredited business schools and law schools.  For the last 20 years, GAFM and AAFM has stated that applicants for GAFM Certifications  should meet the requirements of: Experience, Education, Ethics, Continuing Education and Assessment.  While major education platforms such as: Coursera, Udemy, EdX and FutureLearn host hundreds of thousands of courses and attendance certificate programs, the accredited GAFM strictly offers Board Certifications to graduates of accredited & qualifying assessments, courses and degrees.

The GAFM International Board of Standards and it’s related accreditation, education, and diplomatic agreements, have been listed, disclosed or in alliances with various famous organizations.

  1. GAFM and AAFM are in Articulation Alliance with Nationally Accredited Business Schools  Programs – Over 800 USA Accredited Business schools offer courses, programs, and exams that count for GAFM certifications. [SEE
  2. GAFM has: TUV Europe & Italy Accreditation – The GAFM/AAPM International Board of Standards has accreditation from the TUV in Europe
  3. TUV Accreditation – European Accreditation Not Subject to BREXIT – TUV is one of the oldest accreditation agencies in the world.
  4. GAFM  Body is  ISO 29990 Certified – GAFM/AAPM are ISO Certified for Training. The First USA Certification body to achieve this Accreditation  
  5. GAFM is ISO 9001 Certified – GAFM IBS Board of Standards is ISO Certified for Quality Standards. 
  6. GAFM is in Alliance with the CHEA Council of Higher Education Quality Group – The GAFM ® Board of Standards is a founding member of the quality assurance standards memorandum of the CHEA International Quality Group. 
  7. GAFM – Arab League & Academy Recognition – The Arab Academy belonging to the Arab League directly recognizes the Certifications of GAFM and AAPM in a diplomatic agreement.  – See Agreement with Arab Academy and GAFM
  8. GAFM Certification Body has dedicated USA Accredited Law School Programs – Wealth Management Certification – ABA Recognized Law School since 2008
  9. UAE Accredited – Certifications Registered and accredited through the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the UAE 2019
  10. EU Accredited through ACCREDIA in Italy by virtue of TUV Accreditation.
  11. GAFM has new accord with Les Ingénieurs Professionnels de France

The GAFM is based in the USA and subject to the venue and laws of the Federal Courts of the EDLA Louisiana.  The GAFM and related companies offer over 10 Board Certifications as seen in the FINRA education descriptions. GAFM operates in over 40 countries with members in over 150 nations and GAFM has offered over 100 specialized “Certification Training Courses” in areas of finance, management, and related business disciplines. 

GAFM offers various types of business credentials:

  1. To become Credentialed and Board Certified as a Financial Analyst
  2. To become Chartered and Board Certified as a Project Manager
  3. To become Board Certified and Chartered as a Financial Planner
  4. To become Chartered and Board Certified as a Management Consultant
  5. To become Board Certified as a Management Accountant
  6. To become Chartered and Board Certified as an Economist
  7. To become Chartered and Board Certified in Marketing
  8. To become Chartered and Board Certified in Management
  9. To become Chartered and Board Certified in Leadership

To Apply, Go to or simply email your CV to [email protected]

George Mentz is the General Counsel for GAFM and AAFM and stated, “We were the first to integrate accredited business school exams and courses as the Platinum Standard of credentialing education as a pathway for certifications, charters, and designations.”  “While most certification programs do not require a college education, we were the first in the USA to require and accredited degree for civilian certification applicants. Even Comcast and NBC recently publicized our Accreditation and ISO Certifications on television news for millions to see.

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