Soon, Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), which is driven by AI, will summarize internet content for you in addition to search results. The feature will at first be accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices. Later, it will be extended to PCs running the Chrome browser.

In a recent blog post, Google said that its AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) will soon be able to summarize the online information you’re reading. By adding summaries when you click a link, this improvement builds on SGE’s existing search result summarization capability and makes it even more beneficial. You won’t need to scroll down further to find what you’re looking for if you do it this way.

The feature, referred to as “SGE while browsing,” won’t be accessible straight soon. It is being launched gradually as a preliminary experiment under Google’s opt-in Search Labs initiative. With hopes to eventually make it available on the Chrome browser, it will initially be made available on the Google app for Android and iOS.

If the users previously decided to take part in SGE, they will have immediate access to this trial. SGE while surfing is also available in Search Labs as a stand-alone experiment if you haven’t already registered. If you wish to test SGE while browsing on a desktop, go to Labs after confirming that you have the most recent version of Chrome.

When you hit an icon at the bottom of the screen when using the Google app on your mobile device, Google will display a number of key points from an article.

These AI-generated bullet points assist you in rapidly grasping the article’s essential topics. The functionality won’t work on websites that publishers have designated to run behind a paywall, according to Google, and will only work on content that is easily accessible to users across the internet.

Google is also continuing to enhance SGE in other ways. The tech giant asserts that when you conduct an SGE search for topics linked to science, economics, or history, you may hover your cursor over particular terms to view definitions or diagrams on the subject.

Google is also making it easier to understand SGE’s summaries for coding information. According to the blog post, you can browse suggested code snippets for common tasks and find answers to how-to questions. Additionally, code segments in overviews will be color-coded with syntax highlighting, making it quicker and easier to recognize elements like keywords, comments, and strings and helping you understand the code you see at a glance.

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