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A company’s lifeblood is its consumers. As social media expands awareness of the importance of health, a company that can meet consumer needs will gain brand loyalty, and ultimately market share. Blue Bear is a company that is set on meeting the emerging demand for high quality health beverages without compromising its satisfyingly sweet taste. The drink combines natural and organic sweeteners with functional benefits to produce a zero sugar, nighttime tea that actually works.

Why drink Blue Bear?

What might one stumble upon if they entered a search engine query: “healthy supplements for better sleep”? Answer: a flood of chemical-filled pills and messy powders. Consumers have been craving better sleep since late 2019 due to a combination of factors such as excessive bluescreen lights and the lingering effects of quarantine-induced stress. In a world with an abundance of energy drinks, the importance of quality sleep is often overlooked. In the same way, energy drinks are relied upon by many to get up and going, sleep drinks give people the rest and relaxation they need to recharge for the next day.

Blue Bear’s sleep drink offers the most up-to-date adaptogens and nootropics to help others along their journey of getting a good night’s rest. The company’s stylish, user-friendly website provides a host of information about the benefits of their ingredients such as L-theanine, GABA, ashwagandha, lemon balm, lavender, and passionflower. Their tea has been dubbed “the perfect blend” of sleep-inducing ingredients, combining ancient herbs and modern nootropics.

How does it taste?

Blue Bear has managed to maintain an excellent taste profile without compromising the health benefits of the drink. We all know it’s a rare feat for anything healthy to actually taste good, but after trial and error the company ended up with a guilt-free, perfectly sweet peach taste. Best enjoyed chilled, this tea is sweet enough to satisfy your nighttime sweet tooth cravings.

How does Blue Bear make you sleepy?

Blue Bear Sleep tea contains five milligrams of melatonin per can, which is the standard amount recommended for adults who want to improve their sleep. Ingested on its own, melatonin falls short of being a sleep miracle product but taken in conjunction with all the other sleep-oriented supplements packed into Blue Bear, melatonin works wonders. And while melatonin boasts a strong cohort of consumers in its widely accessible pill form, Blue Bear offers the same functionality with a method of consumption that is inherently more enjoyable and effective—a delightfully refreshing tea. Medical studies have shown that liquid is absorbed faster, has higher optimization rates, and is more easily digestible than pills. Liquids also have a big advantage over pills when it comes to children and the elderly, two age groups that typically have difficulty swallowing pills.

People love Blue Bear

With dozens of verified reviews on their website, it’s evident that the product is enjoyed by many. Blue Bear prioritizes quality over quantity and has taken extra steps to ensure their product offerings include premium ingredients and engaging branding. One of the company’s goals was to emphasize the importance of sleep by making the bedtime ritual more enjoyable. It’s unlikely to find much excitement or pleasure in the act of popping a sleeping pill, but the delicate taste of Blue Bear’s white peach tea and the calming allure of the nighttime mountains on the can itself is an invitation for all to start feeling better about falling asleep.

How can you order Blue Bear?

Blue Bear’s sleep tea formula is conveniently packed into an 8.4fl oz. recyclable, aluminum can. This ready-to-drink option has made it possible to cut down the time necessary to complete your nightly teatime ritual, obviating the need for kettles, fires, boiling liquids, teabags, and dishes. The company offers 12 and 32 packs at a discounted price, as well as a four-pack for the uninitiated.

Conclusion and market commentary

The modern landscape of food and beverage consumption is experiencing a dramatic shift away from instant gratification. While consumers are still driven by impulse, they are increasingly tempered by health awareness. That is where Blue Bear finds its balance in the marketplace. It is not only a tea that provides nearly instant functional benefits to its customers, but it is also a green-friendly, grassroots brand that opted to use aluminum instead of plastic bottles. This is choice packaging because of the infinite recycling capabilities of aluminum as compared to more harmful materials such as polyethylene or polyvinyl plastics.

The old guard in the sleep aid industry–think Nyquil, Lipton, and pill manufacturers–face an uphill battle if they intend to retain their grasp over the market of relaxation and slumber. The key is to avoid being complacent with antiquated, albeit successful, products and to continue innovating to match consumer demand. And if there’s one area where consumers want their needs to be met, it’s sleep.

You can find their products on Amazon or shop directly on the Blue Bear website. You can also keep up to date with the brand on their Instagram.

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