During the pandemic, while many lost their jobs, few have been faring very well. Those few have the skills to survive in the digital space. There are a lot of jobs online these days. All you need to do is to develop a new skill, and you are good to go. Conventional jobs are slowly taking the back seats. Soon, people will actively seek non-conventional jobs. Digital Marketing is one of the high-paying jobs present online. Individuals and businesses know the value of Digital Marketing. With more than half the world’s population online, it has become an easy way to influence your target audience. Also, it helps you to generate a trust factor with your audiences, and it is easier to promote yourself or the brand. Rohit Mehta very well understands the importance of digital marketing. 

According to Rohit, digital marketing is an opportunity from heaven. He believes that it will be a waste not to indulge in this opportunity. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. It is not to say that it will replace traditional marketing rather will be more convenient. It is cheaper, accessible, and efficient. It is easier to explain to the audience online with images and videos than offline. People do not have to make much effort as they can simply visit or buy from your website with just one click. Businesses need this and will happily invest in people or agencies to do so. He says it will be foolish not to use this opportunity.

Rohit Mehta started with blogging. Initially, he did not know a thing about blogging. He was unaware of where to start or what he was supposed to do. He says that he spent hours going through various content present online. He attended webinars, listened to podcasts, enrolled himself in paid and unpaid courses to learn about blogging. He loves reading and learning about technology. This lead to him being curious about Digital marketing, and soon he was on his way to becoming one of the best digital marketing experts in the country.

He started ‘Digital Gabbar’ to help people feasibly access all the content in one place. He knows the difficulty in finding an appropriate content online amongst the thousands of resources. The company aims to help others find the necessary content in one place and for free. The team of industry experts makes sure that the information or content they provide stays relevant for a longer duration. In addition, Rohit started ‘Indian Gabbar’ as a side hustle. Through this venture, he aims to provide a platform for people to establish themselves. Many do not have an audience base. However, this website is created to help you reach a larger mass of people. This method will help small businesses to grow faster and become successful.

Rohit Mehta wants to see people reach heights with his help. He says that this gives him a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. He has helped many individuals and companies to grow under his guidance and will continue to do so.

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