The only Stock signal copy trading service in the world- has announced the movement of its Financial and support department to Malta.

With the new update, the department will fully move all its staff in charge of payments to Malta to ensure fast delivery of services to over 26000 clients of

The new office will also serve as a training center for traders and also as a networking centre for Introducing brokers on the Island dubbed as blockchain island.

The Mediterranean island, with a population of 450,000, is a major hub of banking and finance and is a global leader in the online gambling industry. On April 25th , Vandera announced that it would be moving its operations to the island, which is a European Union member.

The Stock Copy Trading broker which is the world’s largest by trading volume, has been searching for a home after Covid 19 sanctions disrupted its operations.

Representative offices in Singapore, Ukraine and South Africa have also been closed and all unofficial Social media handles have been acquired from IBs operating them and others closed.

Prior to this period, Vandera allowed Introducing brokers to promote the brand with freedom on social media. But with latest developments, Mr Cheng Tseng wants all activity to be controlled by the Company.

Vandera continues to grow in trading volume and the company is set to announce its books in December 2020.

Vandera currently has Introducing brokers in 46 countries, with the latest development, a new media team has been setup which will manage the online media of the company and report to the Chief Technological officer and all former handlers have been relieved or compensated. was formed in 2019 with a seed capital of 3 Million Dollars and 34 Staff including consultant IBs. It has since grown to a larger firm with more demand. The company which has attracted massive interest from venture capitalists with its series B funding round coming up in September is poised to take over a large share of the Stock trading App industry.

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