Indian Male Fashion Model Pramath Bhat (Born July 3rd 1996) who is also the founder of Pramath’s Star Company International Modelling Agency. Started his carrier during his Graduation Day’s (Engineering)

Importance of Models For Designers/Brands?
There are a number of ways to do this, but first it’s important to get a great model. Your model not only flaunts and sells your work, they can also be someone who inspires you and your brand so, they can give you feedback on the designs and how it feels in the real time. They can play both a creative and technical role at the best. Some designers or stylist may pick their models based on looks, and others may choose models based on experience,attitude etc to create a statement. designers most of the time go for a simple look for their model, as they don’t want the audience’s to take of there attention from the clothes while other designers may go for an model with Glamour look to compliment the clothes.
So it’s very much important to choose a perfect model who can fulfill all the requirements.

Why most of the models are tall?
(Confident smile..!) Well first of all – and this is very important.
It has nothing to do with beauty,
attractiveness in photos, or any of those subjective things. Not at all.
So sorry that people think that.
The main reason is when a designer starts to work on a dress/outfits, he or she has no idea if the outfit will sell or not, only that he or she wants to create it.
So a model is brought in place of a mannequin to put life into the work of a designer . Most of them are Fit,thin and with the most of them are with the height of 5′8″ – 5′11″. And most of the designers go for the same size models (the reason for which will become apparent in a moment).For example the designer and his/her team they make 3-4and up to 5 outfits or so dresses to be seen on the runway.
The runway or Fashion week is where the buyers see the dresses and decide if they want to select/order them, and in what quantity.
It is important to note that no designer goes out and makes 1000 copies of a dress based on the imagination that the buyers will indeed buy them. Not in couture – and couture is what we are discussing.
Once the buyers see the outfits(During the fashion week ) they place the orders and the dress is then made in different sizes and quantities to fit the order.
So that means the same dresses have to go all around the different shows and fit every model on every runway show. The dress you see in One show is very likely to be the very same dress you see in a Other show most of the times.
So the model must fit the dress, not the other way around. Main reason to go with the tall model is as they are more visible on the runway. And all designers use the same parameters so all the models must be able to fit every dress.
That is the reason they are tall,fit and thin. If they were all sizes, it would make it difficult to get the collection shown.
It really is not a bias against short models, it is a business decision based on a simple math. Eliminating the variables in model size and height makes it so much easier to bring the work to market.
Commercial model (talent) can be of any size and height, but – and it is not fortunate or unfortante, it just is, couture models must be tall,fit and thin.
At the end every model is best in their own way.

What is the importance of a positive mindset in modelling

Most people think about the physical appearance of being a model, but your mental health plays a huge role. In an industry that is competitive, harsh and sometimes cruel, having a positive mindset is very important & its necessary for every model to have it for your successful journey but for your wellbeing, too.

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