Tired of your conventional-styled gaming rooms? So, let’s get to know about a company that can help you out.

 Ahmad Ghoneim- Your Saviour!

  Ahmad Ghoneim was just like a regular engineering student but after his graduation, he decided to follow the path of his passion.

So, he founded TNT designz, a company that takes charge of your gaming rooms in the most responsible manner and transforms them into something that is three-dimensionally designed and full of colors.

It was mid-August 2021 when TNT designz came into the game.

It’s one of the most promising interior decoration services in the United Arab Emirates.

The team of Ahmad Ghoneim is considerably experienced in their tasks and when it comes to going above and beyond for the interior decor of your rooms.

TNT designz doesn’t disappoint their customers…

Their major milestones include the complete transformation of dull-looking rooms into 3D gaming rooms for famous Youtubers and Influencers.

Amazing Feedbacks!

You can also check out the amazing feedback sent by famous influencers. The company has been showcasing it on its social media profile for customers.

 Features of Gaming Rooms

●     A Sound Proof 3D Room

TNT designz makes a soundproof room and Installs a Video/Audio system.

It is really essential for cinema rooms.

3D Ceilings and Walls

Moreover, the rooms are established with top-notch setups of walls and ceilings which will bring extravagance to the cinema room.

Finally, the furniture will be decided on according to the cinema room theme and with the most restful material.

 The First Gaming Company to Associate With BENQ  within U.A.E!

In Jan 2023, TNT Designz LLC joined hands with BENQ and signed a partnership agreement.

In this way, they are able to offer more discounts for their customers.

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