Matthew Melamed is a brilliant singer-songwriter whose musical prowess has been garnering widespread acclaim. He embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of ten, commencing with the piano as his instrument of choice. However, it wasn’t until he discovered the guitar that his true passion for music was ignited.

Matthew began honing his craft by recording his earliest compositions on a vintage tape recorder and experimenting with various sounds and styles. As he progressed in his musical journey, he diversified his abilities by learning to play other instruments and procuring professional recording equipment. This enabled him to elevate his artistry and unleash his creations to the world.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Matthew’s career is that his breakthrough songs were recorded on a humble iPhone 4 (Matthew Melamed – Oh), exemplifying that sometimes the most humble of beginnings can lead to great success.

Throughout his formative years, Matthew was a ubiquitous presence in various bands, dabbling in genres ranging from metal to rock. He also collaborated with a plethora of talented artists, which has indelibly shaped the sound of his music.

In 2016, while busking in the bustling streets of Berlin, the renowned producer Ran Nir, of Asaf Avidan and the Mojos fame, chanced upon Matthew and promptly signed him to his label, IMU-MUSIC. Together, they embarked on an EP project, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Matthew stands tall as a promising star in the music industry, celebrated for his distinctive sound and spellbinding live performances.


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