Kiku Sharda requested of Kapil Sharma during his appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show that he explain to Guru Randhawa that Dance Meri Rani and Naach Meri Rani are interchangeable.

The Kapil Sharma Show’s presenter Kapil Sharma and comedian Kiku Sharda made sure to pull their legs and tease them about their individual music videos when singers Guru Randhawa and Gurdas Maan recently made an appearance. While Gurdas Maan was startled by Kapil’s question about how he met his wife, Kiku Sharda made fun of Guru Randhawa’s song Dance Meri Rani, which has the identical lyrics in both Hindi and English.

Kapil asked Gurdas Maan, “Mrs Maan ke saath mamla kab jama tha,” as if he were curious in Gurdas Maan’s romantic life (how did you find love in Mrs Maan). You’re scaring me with this question, Gurdaas Maan retorted, “Ye sawal se mujhe dara rahe ho.”

As Gudiya Laundrywali, Kiku Sharda then made fun of Guru Randhawa’s song Dance Meri Rani, which features Nora Fatehi. “Hum sirf kapda nahi dhote hain, hum clothes bhi wash karte hain,” he instructed him, “give me your clothing to wash.” Kiku remarked, “Ye baat humko nahi, inko samjhaiye ki Dance Meri Rani and Naach Meri Rani ek hi baat hai (don’t explain to me, let him realise that Dance Meri Rani Ek Hi Rani is the same thing),” in response to Kapil’s statement that it meant the same thing. Guru was shaken by this. Nach Nach Nach Nach, Nach Nach Meri Rani are the song’s lyrics. Dance Meri Rani, Nach Nach Nach Nach.”

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