Radeon has uncovered the plan of its new RX 6000 series in an unconventional, yet in addition extremely 2020 way: by suspending it into the sky in Fortnite.

A customary limited time picture was additionally shared to Twitter, yet you can “study every angle yourself” just by signing into Fortnite and heading to Radeon’s custom island in Creative Mode.

AMD’s most recent series of graphics cards is in transit, yet we don’t know precisely when yet. The organization as of late affirmed that we’re studying the new cards – ideally alongside a solid delivery date – on October 28. This follows the large uncover of the 3000 series from AMD’s greatest rival: Nvidia.

The “Big Navi” is AMD’s response to the immense GeForce RTX 3080, which begins at $699 and discharges this Thursday, September 17. As per Moore’s Law is Dead, a YouTube channel covering innovation and PC equipment, the Big Navi will draw near “spitting distance” of the 3080 as far as rasterization execution, and will far surpass the RTX 3070, normally.

We don’t have any official estimating data from AMD to contrast with Nvidia’s contending graphics card, yet that is another detail we’re hoping to learn at the enormous dispatch occasion in October.

On the off chance that it’s outstandingly less expensive, it could make for an attractive option to the 3080 for the individuals who need first in class execution yet don’t really require the main most impressive GPU the market has to offer.

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