The book, “Marketing Leadership: A Mentorship Approach,” emerges as a promising and comprehensive guide to marketing leadership and mentorship.

There are a few professionals who all their lives focus on only one thing, one goal or a desire to reach their definition of success, believing they can attain mastery in one niche; however, there are a few others who believe in focusing on many other aspects of their chosen business or businesses to achieve mastery in each of them and become a versatile professional and business owner. Adem Dere, aka TJ, started by attaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, he got into the vast ocean of marketing and business.

The entrepreneur from Iran, born in 1992 today is a well-known name in the marketing and business realms, but now has attained even more recognition for what he has offered people as an author through his book “Marketing Leadership: A Mentorship Approach.” He says, “Always loved the concepts of marketing and leadership, and my book throws more light on the same. I wanted to provide people with a comprehensive guide to marketing leadership and mentorship, covering a range of topics and much more.”

Throwing more light on his recently published book, readily available on Amazon,, he says that the book discusses the importance of identifying market trends and assessing their impact on a business. It teaches people how to adapt marketing strategies and monitor changes in a market. It also explores the use of social media and digital marketing to stay current. It takes people toward understanding, setting and achieving marketing goals, developing and managing a marketing team, using data and analytics in marketing, measuring the success of marketing efforts, and also takes the reader to case studies of successful marketing leadership and mentorship.

The much-talked-about entrepreneur (@tj.10xx) has always felt passionate about sharing his knowledge in the areas of leadership, mentorship and the law of attraction and loves sharing tools and strategies for them to succeed in their journeys.

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