The young musical talent says honesty, transparency and pure love for one’s craft can help them gain enormous success.

Over the years, too many music genres have evolved, and the music industry as a whole has gained immense growth and success, for which many young musicians, rappers, songwriters, composers need to be thanked. To create one’s unique standing in the industry, which is known for consistently giving birth to extraordinary talents, one needs to fight tooth and nail. Some passionate individuals knew the competition in the industry; still, they stepped foot in the same because they believed in themselves, their immaculate visions and their willpower to get through anything to achieve their definition of success. Serving as one of the classic examples of such youngsters is SAYF, contributing heavily to making the music scene in Dubai more lit and successful.

“As a kid, poetry was something that attracted me the most as I felt a close inclination towards it. I felt I was made for the music world, especially after hearing Eminem and 2PAC on my uncle’s Walkman player, which I had stolen. I knew what I wanted to do and realized my true purpose in life,” says the rising musician from Dubai. Adding further, he said, “Without thinking what the music industry had in store for me, I began writing poetry, which evolved into writing rap, and here I am today, a hustler, and a musician, who believed in his talents and put every possible effort to attain the success he desired.”

SAYF says that all those people who wish to make it huge like him as up and coming talents must first feel passionate about the music they create or the songs they write. They must work towards exuding their talent through their work as this will help them stand unique in the industry. Also, honesty and transparency in one’s work go a long way, he highlights. “When you put honesty in your work, your work naturally attracts more people, be it in any industry. This honesty and integrity help artists and other professionals draw their meteoric rise in the industry, ultimately becoming a success story for the world to know more about,” points out SAYF.

SAYF’s unique sound has earned him unique success with his singles Squad, Lean and Wolves, and now many other budding musicians are taking inspiration from his journey. To learn more, follow him on Instagram @sayf.v. 

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