Greater things were anticipated for the 2023 IPL season, but all Umran could muster this year were seven appearances in SRH’s 13 games, totaling just 17 overs.

Most fans were offended by the strange explanation, while others were perplexed by the claim. Sehwag speculated that Umran had a fight with the management as a result of which he had been ordered to warn the bench while trying to understand the meaning of the phrase “behind the scenes” in an interview with Cricbuzz. He also reprimanded the young bowler for not using his few opportunities to bowl the ball well.

When further questioned about the “behind the scenes” statement, Sehwag admitted that it reminded him of Warner, who had frequently used similar language during his time working at the SRH franchise.

“It’s likely that Markram actually has no idea why Umran was benched or that he was advised not to select him. And what more will he say when Markram is given no justification? “, he said.

On May 21, SRH will play against Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede, and it’s likely that the management would want to give Umran one last opportunity.


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