Microsoft Teams clients on the desktop will have the option to sign in with an individual account later this month. This week, the company has affirmed by means of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center that the element will start turning out (through MSA) to the Windows and Mac customers on November 19.

In the event that Microsoft recently demonstrated on its roadmap that multi-account uphold was finally coming to Microsoft Teams, the company later explained that the rollout cycle should occur in stages.

For reasons unknown, the first phase of the multi-account rollout will just carry the ability for clients to sign into one work/school account and one individual account.

“The engineering team is continuing to work on adding support for multiple accounts on desktop clients. We will first launch support for 1 work/school account and 1 personal account so users can enjoy Teams for work and personal side-by-side. Windows and MacOS. Support for multiple work accounts is still being worked on and will come at a later date,” a Microsoft Teams engineer affirmed on the Teams UserVoice discussion.

Until further notice, existing clients with a school/work record will see a choice to add one individual account by going to the profile menu. Then again, new Teams clients will have the option to sign in with an individual record subsequent to installing the application on their PCs.

The company noticed that the Teams application will outwardly separate work and individual encounters by running them in independent windows.

As an update, the new experience extends the help that as of now exists in Teams Mobile applications. While individual record backing will come to Microsoft Teams’ desktop application later this month, the update will be conveyed in various stages to all inhabitants.

Note that the company will delay rollouts over the U.S. occasions, with certain customers being required to be updated with this new usefulness in mid 2021.

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