If you are ready to show off your art to the world, nurture the passion that ignites and fuels your artistic skill, talent, and vision.

Art inspires passion and invigorates the artist to create awesome artwork that makes them feel the beauty of art. Using creative skills, he beautifies his world with the brush of painting. The painter or sculptor illustrates a unique visual image through their artistic skills. An artist nurtures creative juices out of their minds into the physical world. Accepting and gushing out their feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations allow them to explore and give artistic meaning to their work. The splendid piece of art in the form of paintings and sculptures is an interpretation of the emotional state they are experiencing.

Victor Bernardez, also known as GOSA, is among those visionary artists who have strived towards doing better work; they are passionate, process-driven, and enthusiastic towards their work. Keeping the trend alive, Victor GOSA has demonstrated his unique touch to modern art by mingling traditional techniques and contemporary style.

“I have a flood of ideas in my mind. I just follow my vision.” – Yayoi Kusama

Performing On various platforms

Due to his artistic qualities, innovation in style, unique techniques, and inspiring vision, Gosa has competed on different platforms. He has been selected on various platforms as the best artist who can improvise ideas to create new and interesting work; he illustrated abstract work by employing traditional, modern, and contemporary artwork. One of the major events where Victor Gosa will be displaying his exclusive artwork is Inter Miami’s Art Battle, presented by Heineken.

Inter Miami to Host Art Battle Contest Presented by Heineken during Art Base

Victor Gosa has emerged as the rising star among the new generation of artists. He is featured as one of the six local artists performing in the art battle hosted by Inter Miami. The long-hour contest will be organized at The Arsenale in the Miami Design District. The contest’s purpose was to create their best Inter Miami CF-inspired art piece. The winner will earn an exclusive VIP experience for the 2022 season and their artwork to be displayed at the Inter Miami CF Training Center. The event will also include an onsite DJ, Inter Miami giveaways, Heineken activations, and a special appearance from Inter Miami broadcaster Fernando Fiore.

The other artists participating in the contest are:

Mayra Mateus, known professionally as Mateus Art, is an emerging pop artist superstar. Cesar Suarez, also known as “Kasper Miami demonstrates an innate artistic talent and aspires to enhance his creative passion. Max Guevara is a Miami-based artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Finally, Renzo, the son of the Venezuelan journalists Sergio Novelli and Patricia Zerpa, is a graduate illustrator from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas whose goal is to become a fine artist.

Art Basel Miami Beach – An Overview

Miami Art Week has approached! Naturally, art lovers and partygoers are enthusiastic about attending this fabulous event. This year Miami Art Week has promised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the most important art fair.  The first edition of Art Basel appeared in the year 1970. After launching the initial show, Art Basel has become the center of coveted fashion events, covering international art galleries, outdoor installations, and private parties with celebrity performances.

Art Basel Miami Beach is an annual art show held at Miami Beach, first staged in 2002. Since its launch, Art Basel has become North America’s premier art fair and has been anticipated as the major fall event in Miami. This year’s event also signifies major events, including displaying digital art and collecting paintings, sculptures, special exhibitions, and receptions hosted by South Florida’s cultural institutions.

Art Basel stages three major fairs each year in Hong Kong, Basel, and Miami Beach. The artistic events focus on modern and contemporary art; the galleries exhibit inspiring art pieces from young talents to 20th-century masters. In addition, the Art Basel platform projects traditional art fairs, group exhibitions, art-historical showcases, and solo abstract presentations by emerging artists.

Art Basel Miami Beach comprises 253 galleries from across the globe in front of the art world’s top curators, museums, and collectors. The week of Art Basel has become a major draw for Miami, with parties, satellite fairs, and major events related to paintings, sculptures, and exhibitions. The booming Miami art gathering reinvents the show allowing new artists to showcase their works through digital platforms and art galleries. Moreover, Art Basel Miami events enabled emerging and established artists to transform their work in different styles. The beauty of their abstract art has left an enduring impact on the viewers to decipher the artwork’s meaning.

Marc Spiegler, the global director of Art Basel, said he expected robust attendance this week. 

“There is a more diverse group of gallery owners than we have had in the past. We have made real progress on this front.”

Art Basel Miami Beach Events aim to promote and collaborate with the most cutting-edge, independent builders and designers to create a different and better future. Their purpose is to share new technologies with the world and inspire the next generation.

Gosa, enthusiastic about participating in the Art Basel Miami Beach event, feels that his vivid artwork is a tribute to living in the moment. His artwork is inspiring and incredible; Gosa reminds his admirers that there is a talent deserving of their attention and appreciation right now.

As Victor Gosa explains,

“I would say I’m a contemporary abstract artist specializing in creating unique art smash-ups with past and current iconic characters or brands. I’m most proud of my artistic development and ongoing growth. I think my creativity and the fact that I can adapt to any art style or form. Purely driven by emotion, my work is not intended to convey any messages or stories. With my images, I intend to create an atmosphere and to convey the feelings and emotions to the viewer that I felt at the time of making them. Rather than be remembered and have my art appreciated in life after death, I count my days and number each painting with the number of days I’ve been alive since the start of the piece. I live in the now and want others to own a day in my life’s artwork.”

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