Next month, Takeshi’s Castle will be available for streaming on Prime Video. The Hindi version’s new voice actor is Bhuvan Bam.

The classic Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle from the 1980s is getting a revival, and actor and comedian Bhuvan Bam will be starring in it on Prime Video. Formerly, the television show’s original Hindi commentator was Jaaved Jaffrey. Beginning on November 2, Bhuvan will be returning his well-liked character Titu Mama from BB Ki Vines for the upcoming OTT edition of the show.

A new teaser of Takeshi’s Castle

A new teaser for Prime Video India, starring Bhuvan as Titu Mama, was released. He is shown in the beginning of the video going about his regular work at his “shoe-stopper” shoe store. When the Yakuza enter the business, he is joking about with his customers. Titu Mama was abducted and demanded to pay back the loan by translating the show into Hindi. Bhuvan as Titu Mama begins recapturing the spirit of the original performance with his funny comments at the Yakuza’s request.

Fans respond to the teaser

“Finally it’s happening and we are so much excited, Titu Mama hame pehle jaisa comedy denge yahi umeed karta hu (hope Titu Mama will be as funny as before),” someone said on X in response to the new preview. Another said, “Mama Ji chaa jane wle h (Mama Ji is going to get famous).” Another said, “I’m excited for it.”

Takeshi’s Castle Reboot

Takeshi’s Castle Reboot will be featured in the Great Indian Festival 2023 celebration lineup on the over-the-top platform. In an earlier statement, Bhuvan discussed the show and said, “Since Takeshi’s Castle first aired on television, I have been a big fan of the concept, execution, and humor of the game-show. Being able to voice the show after growing up watching it makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. It’s like coming full circle. Nobody in my generation hasn’t, in my opinion, not loved and appreciated this madcap comedy. Being a member of this amazing game show is both an honor and a privilege. As an entertainer, my audience has consistently valued the unique yet recognizable roles I’ve played, and I’m happy to share a little piece of my artistic side as “Titu Mama.” I wish the younger audience would enjoy the show as much as we did.

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