Before you start thinking about what to invest in, it is important to know what to invest in. Is it because of retirement income, or perhaps to increase wealth to get a pension or to build a nest for a children’s nest?

If you know your goals and decide that you would like to invest in an investment company, it is important not to choose it based on its previous performance. If an investment company produces a good return in the past, which Lentrade has done consistently, or generates revenue, that is no guarantee that it will do the same in the future.

What to consider

The basic structure of a company such as Lentrade llc and its principles are more important than its previous operations. You need to make sure that it fits your individual needs.

Make sure you know:

What the company invests in.

Its charges.

That it fits in with your investment goals.

That you invest in accordance with your values ​​and beliefs

How dangerous it is. You can check this out in a few ways:

What to invest in.

Its portfolio is focused or very different.


Increasingly, people want to choose investments that are in line with their values ​​and beliefs.

The term “ESG” is used as an acronym for natural, social, and economic factors.

Thumbnail of the operation statistics of the investment guide

Investment company performance statistics and what they mean

Where possible, AIC provides preliminary performance statistics for every member investing company listed on its website.

These figures are almost always given on the basis of a “total refund”. This means that any benefits received are considered to be reinvested.


The total refund amount and the NAV refund amount take into account certain costs. The cost of running an investment company such as a treasurer’s finances and accounting costs are reflected in operating costs.

Costs payable by an investor outside the investment company, such as stamp duty or funds to buy and sell shares of an investment company, are not included.

Measuring ratings

Most investment companies including Lentrade llc have a benchmark that they use to measure their performance. At the end of the investment company’s financial year, the board will report on its success or failure.

The benchmarks used are usually indicators that accompany the investment strategy of an investment company, for example the FTSE 100 or the FTSE SmallCap.

You can often see how an investment company like Lentrade llc has operated against its benchmark in its monthly paper.

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