Widely regarded as one of the most competitive industries today, the music industry boasts countless budding stars and powerful champions who bring not only deep love of craftsmanship but also a host of skills.

The music industry is full of artists whose journey to shine includes stories that need to be shared. Not all these people have the hope of being able to break through barriers and challenge serious issues, which makes it very impressive to find young people who have achieved successful positions in the industry. Gabby Gabanna, a rapper who will be a famous name one day, faces a similar challenge, but she is about to overcome negative feelings and come out on top, thanks to her discography and her unique art. With four mixtapes and a feature from DaBaby since she began her career as an independent artist in 2017, Gabby Gabanna (also known as Gabby Dinero) has achieved a lot for a young woman in her early 20s.

Since 2017, the rapper has been releasing mixtapes, all showing off her amazing vocal skills and coming up with a flow that refreshes the vibe of any song. At the age of 18, Gabby released her first mixtape, continuing to open for stars such as Black Yungsta, Key Glock, Kevin Gates, Yella Breezy, Renni Rucci, and Kwondo Rhondo. She released three other mixtapes independently, and in 2019, she received a guest verse from her hero DaBaby with her song “Blue $trips”. For all her hardships and the experience she has gained in the music industry to date, Gabby is more determined than ever and ready to become Charlotte’s next professional rap artist.

She started with her official YouTube page on 3/2/2022, brightly colored and sensible video schemes accompanied by Gabby’s passionate rap delivery and high-performance song production, which promotes rapid transformation and rainfall. She went on to make a comeback with the High School, while keeping one foot in street life, exploring the boundaries of the program and winning her first show in Concord, North Carolina.

Her full-length album, ‘Return of the Gabb’, will be released in the third quarter of 2022.

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