Dropping June 1, 2022, “Called” is a song written and performed by LJak and produced by Pesic Beats. The two have once again come together for his sophomore album Self-Esteem: Chapter Two. From how this new single sounds, LJak’s second album appears to outdo his first.

Legacies are built after the artist is gone. But this is no concern for LJak who, from his use of words, how he rides the melody, and how he brings both together for a symposium on flow, shows that he is truly special and unique, a talent that must be recognized.

“Called,” his latest single, gives the listener a vibe that is definitely for cruising. Celebrating his legacy as an artist, whether in the world of literature or in the world of music, LJak, with this song, is making his triumph known.

When asked about what this song means to him, LJak says that he has found success by looking into the future, and by living out that feeling. “So much of our life is controlled by how we feel,” he says. “Our world is shaped by how we feel. Why not shape positivity? Why not feel what is not yet felt? Why not feel success? Why not feel the vision that you know you can achieve? Why not talk about already being where you know are destined to be?”

“Called” is about where LJak is destined to be. Talking about where he envisioned himself as a kid, and then pursuing that vision in life, it’s like he was “called” to change the world with words, and answering that call, he fulfills his potential, until his potential fulfills its legacy. This is what the song is about, and it is a truly inspirational.

But the words wouldn’t be as inspirational as they are without their instrumental. LJak credits Pesic Beats for always being in the same creative space with him, saying that Pesic knows how to articulate sound in ways that he sometimes can’t put into words. Calling on Pesic for his second album, if the album is as smooth as this single, the industry better watch out.

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