Flamenco guitar is one of the types of guitars that plays pleasant songs and has many fans. This guitar has similarities and differences with the classical guitar that we mention here. Flamenco music belongs to the south of Spain and a region called Andalusia.

The guitar entered flamenco music when the Spaniards played flamenco with other instruments. Since then, the guitar has strongly influenced this music, and now the guitar and flamenco music are interdependent. Of course, it is clear that no cultural-artistic phenomenon is absolutely related to a particular point. Flamenco music and the guitar itself contain traces of the influence of Jewish and Arabic cultures. Flamenco guitars and classical guitars have a number of differences in structure. In flamenco guitar, the sound board on the guitar is usually made of spruce wood and the back and sides of the guitar are made of cypress wood. The blow is done with a nail (Golpe) which is called Golpidor.

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Flamenco music is a style of Spanish guitar playing. This style has various components whose main roots date back to the 14th and 15th centuries AD.

Flamenco style is derived from Oriental and Indian styles and has various and beautiful rhythms. It has its own stylist called flamenco guitar and it is the main instrument of this style. Of course, in addition to instruments such as flute and guitar Ariana (ARIANA) will also be used.

Common features and structural differences between flamenco guitar and classical guitar

The general differences between the two guitars in terms of structure can be divided to some extent in the following category, but this page does not mention the differences in style, composition, step and instruments.

Both have common ancestors. The basis of their structure is the same and both of them are played with nails. How to hold while playing is different. They play the flamenco guitar on the right knee and the classical guitar on the left knee.

Flamenco guitars often have an approximate cookie that may be tuned to the singer’s voice. The guitar is a classical solo instrument and the tuning is very precise and each note must be distinct, clean and clear.

Structure of flames used in flamenco guitar Quotes: Poplar box, wood around and bottom of free cedar sound box, cypress back wood, ebony fingering wood, and stitching wood and bands around the instrument And the decoration around the openings and stairs is made of rose wood. In classical guitar: The wood around and below the box maker is made of rose wood and the rest of the parts are like flamenco guitars.

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