The Indian National Ultimate Frisbee team competed fiercely in their match against the Philippines in the Asia Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships (AOBUC) 2024 finals, ultimately placing them as runners-up. India lost the match 9–12, despite a close and intense contest. There were sixteen teams competing from Asia, Australia, and New Zealand in the continental championship.

The national team made it to the finals for the first time ever, demonstrating their development and promise on a global platform, and this accomplishment represents a historic turning point for the sport of ultimate frisbee. The team’s incredible semi-final triumph over Japan, which was a reflection of their skill, strategy, and willpower, was the high point of their road to the finals. Both teams displayed incredible athleticism and fair play in the thrilling final match. Fans and the global ultimate frisbee community have shown the Indian squad a great deal of support and appreciation for their progress in the tournament.

The Indian National Team’s head coach, Uday Kumar, expressed his immense pride at his team’s success. “Although we did not win the championship, the dedication and spirit demonstrated by our players were truly inspiring. This experience has set a new standard for Indian ultimate frisbee, and we will continue to strive for excellence.”

The president of India Ultimate (IU), which oversees flying disc sports in the country, Mr. Pundari Kumar, explained: “Reaching the finals is a monumental achievement. Our players have shown tremendous courage and skill. We are grateful for the support from Daisy, High Rise, Aquila EV, and Off-Season Ultimate, as well as the entire ultimate frisbee playing community in India.”

The remarkable fundraising efforts of the nation’s over 15,000 ultimate frisbee players and the enthusiastic support of supporters nationwide also played a significant role in making Team India’s historic accomplishment possible.

In addition to laying a solid platform for future success, the Indian team’s excellent silver medal finish improved upon their third-place showing in 2019 and encouraged many young athletes to join the sport.

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