The pandemic has caused a devastating impact around the globe, and studies show that dental health among individuals has plummeted as well. According to the FDI World Dental Federation oral health is a key factor in maintaining health and well-being, and olfactory diseases can really worsen that in every regard. Committed to providing premium dental health, Boston Dental is known for its world-class services and has made some commendable changes in its services in 2020.

Founded in 1892, Boston Dental offers a range of services using the latest technology equipment, including infection control, dental implants, teeth straightening and general dentistry consultations to hundreds of regular patients. One service, in particular, has made a huge impact in recent times is their unique integration of robotics in virtual dentistry.

“We are the first company to utilize AI for infection control and more recently, for robotic virtual consults with patients. It has allowed us to provide high-quality, cutting edge services to our patients even during the COVID-19 pandemic”, says Dr Maged el-Malecki, Medical Director at Boston Dental. All doctors are highly trained in all specialities, with a focus on aesthetic dentistry. They offer treatments such as laser-enhanced cavity detection, crown lengthening, gum re-sculpting, root canals among others.

All staff and equipment, including the robots, are sterilized and apparatus is stored inside a filtered environment. Temperature checks, UV light-equipped disinfection machines and AI robots are used between patient visits each day to ensure the location is perfectly healthy from every contamination. The air filtration systems used are also hospital-grade and the doctors are provided with protective gear, PPE kits, masks and gloves to ensure utmost safety.

Dr Maged is a firm believer in preventative dental care. Using the latest advancements in science, it is now possible to detect and restore decays, cavities and other chronic issues before they worsen. Boston Clinic employs X-rays to best cater to any such underlying issues for all their patients. Currently, the company has two clinics in Boston, one in the Seaport area and is ready to launch one in Dubai soon. “Our goal is to make world-class oral healthcare accessible to millions through global expansion”, he adds.

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