Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is someone who can make any food look appetizing. It’s not a simple task because a lot of trick goes into capturing the perfect photo to make it look stunning and irresistible. Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is a professional photographer with travel, still objects, and food as his preferred genre. You can follow some of his incredible work on Facebook and Instagram to get an idea of how beautiful his photos are. The following are some of his tips for newbie photographers on food photography.

1. Use a shallow depth of field

What’s the best background to make your food look good? You should always ask this question before taking any food photos. In food photography, only a small part of your image should be sharp and the rest blunt. This means you should have a wider aperture. An f/2.8 gap is perfect for creating a shallow depth of field. This allows the food to be the main focus of the image instead of the other items on the table.

2. Follow the less is more concept

What is your subject? The answer will help you shape your composition. You should focus on emphasizing your chosen topic. The goal here is to come up with a clean frame instead of visual clutter. And the best way to achieve this, according to Alwazzan, is by checking the four corners of your structure. You should avoid anything that you think isn’t adding value to your subject.

3. Design your composition

Don’t take random shots of your object. Food photography is about getting your geometry right. It is crucial to consider the shape and form while crafting your composition. For example, adding a knife may balance the design if you follow the rule of thirds. You can also add a splash of color to your frame by keeping a towel or a few strands of parsley. Make sure you use a reflector board to bounce the extra light from your silverware.

4. Make a mess

You may not want to make your food look staged. The easiest way to make your food photos look real is by pushing the plate strategically messy. Alwazzan often uses this technique to make his photos look appealing and realistic. He spreads a few cake crumbs on a scale right in front of a munched cupcake. Similarly, you can sprinkle a bit of cheese if you are taking photos of a sandwich.

5. Use a high ISO

Light needs to enter your camera faster, or you may get a hazy photo. For this, always keep a high ISO but not too high to make your photos look grainy. Keep your ISO to 800 if you are shooting outdoors, and there is sufficient light. If you are shooting indoors, you can keep the ISO at 1600 or go up to 3200. It’s best if you don’t go higher as it would create a lot of digital noise.

Now that you know some of the best food photography tips from the leading photographer in Kuwait follow them religiously to capture striking food photos. Experiment with your composition to make your photos look unique.

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