Early 2024 is the estimated release date for Apple’s highly anticipated wearable spatial computer, the Apple Vision Pro. According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there are rumours that the rumored affordable version of this revolutionary technology may have been canceled.

Kuo’s most recent Medium blog makes the case—backed up by information from component suppliers—that Apple’s initial shipments of mixed reality headsets may fall short of what the market had anticipated for the first year. Kuo’s estimate is within a more conservative range of “up to 400,000-600,000 units,” when initial industry predictions had Apple shipping approximately one million units. This is consistent with earlier reports that also predicted a lower output volume.

Kuo also suggested that the expected affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro, which was supposed to come a year after the flagship device, might have been completely canceled. This is in contrast to previous claims made by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who said that Apple was actively developing a model that would succeed the Apple Vision Pro, including one that would be more affordable and be released by the end of 2025.

According to Kuo’s prediction, the Apple Vision Pro 2 won’t be on the market until the first half of 2027. This suggests that Apple does not currently have any immediate plans to release new spatial computers, whether they be high-end or inexpensive.

This shift in Apple’s wearable approach brings to mind a July report that suggested major cuts to the company’s Apple Vision Pro production projections. The first-generation Apple Vision Pro is expected to be produced in quantities of “less than 400,000 units” within the first year, according to Luxshare, Apple’s Chinese contract manufacturer.

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this year, Apple introduced its spatial computer and stated that its expected release in early 2024. Zeiss also provided details on the headset’s prescription optical inserts during this time.

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