Many countries have already adopted the Android Earthquake Alerts System, which provides early earthquake alerts as soon as tremors start. In collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the National Seismology Center (NSC), Google is now implementing this system in India.

Users in India may now receive earthquake notifications and take preventative action thanks to Google’s launch of the Android Earthquake notifications System. The accelerometers in Android devices are used by this system to identify seismic events and issue alerts in advance.

By using the Android phone’s accelerometer as a seismograph, this creative approach turns the devices into tiny earthquake detectors. A phone may recognize the first signals of an earthquake when it is stationary and charging. Google’s computers can determine the location and strength of an earthquake if numerous phones simultaneously detect similar shaking that indicates an earthquake.

How does the notification system operate?

Then, according on the magnitude of the earthquake, alerts are sent to neighboring phones. Users who experience MMI 3 and 4 shaking during an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.5 or above receive the ‘Be Aware Alert’. The ‘Take Action Alert’ is sent out for more intense tremors of magnitude 4.5 or higher with MMI 5+ shaking. These warnings override Do Not Disturb settings, turn on the phone’s screen, and make a loud sound in the case of more powerful earthquakes. Additionally, the message provides safety advice, such sitting under a table.

According to Google’s press release, internet signals move at the speed of light, which is much faster than the speed at which an earthquake’s shaking moves through the ground. As a result, these alerts frequently reach smartphones before to the start of severe shaking.

Additionally, Google and the NDMA have partnered to provide people with useful information about other natural disasters including floods and storms via Google Search and Maps. Users can find relevant information by simply searching for terms like “Earthquake near me” on Google.

Learn how to activate Android earthquake alerts

Android users in India who have devices running Android 5 or higher will be able to access the Android Earthquake Alerts System. Over the coming week, this feature will be implemented. Users must have Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity and make sure that both the Android Earthquake warnings and location settings are turned on in order to receive these warnings. There is a setting in the device settings that allows users to turn off earthquake alerts if they do not want to receive them.

The goal of Google’s collaboration with the NDMA is to support government efforts by offering quick earthquake alerts and safety information. In the past, Google and the NDMA collaborated to provide consumers with safety information about weather-related emergencies like floods and cyclones using Google Search and Maps. The launch of Google’s Android Earthquake Alerts System demonstrates the company’s commitment to improving India’s disaster planning and response. With the help of this project, Android users in India will be able to receive early earthquake warnings, enabling them to take immediate steps to protect themselves and their loved ones during seismic disasters.

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