The new Circle to Search function will significantly increase the power of Google searches on your high-end Android phones, the company announced in a press release on Wednesday. With the power of artificial intelligence, you can use this feature to rapidly retrieve results when you pull up Google while using any app, circle, or highlight any word or object. On January 31, the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S24 phone line will get this improved version of visual search.

As the name implies, you can circle any object to look for it with Circle to Search. For instance, you can swipe up to open the Google app and use your finger to circle the food item if you see a TikTok with odd-looking corn dogs. Google will give you a brief on Korean corn dogs using artificial intelligence. The cultural significance of Korean food in the contemporary culinary zeitgeist can also be explained by AI.

Not only can you search any object or word on your screen with this capacity, but you can do so without switching between apps.

This announcement aligns with Samsung’s recent declaration that the same feature will be available in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. Other phones that will have this enhanced in-app Google Search feature have not yet been revealed.

After ChatGPT upset Google’s Search algorithm in late 2022, the company has continued to fall in love with AI. Upon its inception, ChatGPT appeared to be an AI chatbot capable of providing original responses to any query. In contrast to a typical Google search, which displays lists of webpages for you to sort through and locate pertinent content, ChatGPT handled it for you. To remain competitive, Google and Microsoft both swiftly released their own AI chatbots.

Since then, Microsoft has surpassed Apple earlier this month to become the most valuable business in the world thanks to its efforts in artificial intelligence. Additionally, Google is incorporating AI into a growing number of its products, ranging from the camera app on its Pixel devices to Search itself through Search Generative Experience. Companies are racing to be at the forefront of generative AI in order to maintain market supremacy, given that McKinsey estimates the technology may generate up to $4.4 trillion in revenue annually.

Google also announced that multisearch in Lens will receive an AI-powered update in addition to Circle to Search. In the past, you might ask Google to look for variations in green if you spotted a dress you liked. Google Lens could recognise the clothing. You may now ask more complex queries thanks to the AI-powered insights provided by those visual matches. Google gives the example of finding a board game at a yard sale that is missing its box. Soon, Google Lens will be able to recognise the game, and you will be able to ask questions about its name and gameplay mechanics.

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