Behind every social media “it” girl is a boss babe with a plan. Now with over 70k followers on Instagram, we talk tactics with Houston influencer Julia Wang.

When and how did you start?

I realized that social media was going to be central to my marketing strategy shortly after I became a real estate agent in 2015. I always try to be one step ahead and at that time other realtors weren’t really using social content to generate leads. I started by rebranding my social media accounts and building interest around my work as a realtor. Since then I have focused on delivering valuable content for my clients and fellow property professionals.

Why do people follow you?

A lot of my followers are realtors – either established or aspiring – who are looking for ideas about how they can grow their own following. I think they appreciate that I’m generous with my advice and encouragement; I genuinely want others to experience the success I have had. Everyone else seems to follow along for the lifestyle and fashion!

What makes good social media content?

Professional photography. A thoughtful caption. Hashtag analytics. Posting consistently. And now video: I’m producing my own docuseries for YouTube called Houston Hustle. People don’t realize it, but generating quality content is like having another full-time job!

How do you balance the personal and the professional in your online presence?

There was a time when I kept my family out of the spotlight, but people would always ask how I struck a work-life balance. They need to see that I’m a busy mom with the same struggles. It’s how they relate to me and I relate to them.  

Carefully curated or off-the-cuff?

Lately I’m seeing a lot more interest in transparency and authenticity and less in scripted content. People are just not about that fake “Insta life” anymore.

If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring influencers, what would it be?

Just start! A lot of people strive for perfection from the get-go, but I always tell the agents on my team: do the best with what you have. The most important thing is to do it.

Julia Wang was voted #1 Houston Realtor on Social Media. You can follow her on Instagram @juliawang_htx and catch her docuseries Houston Hustle on YouTube.

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