As Alia Bhatt recently mentioned the Mumbai Police in a post after her personal photos were released, it is possible that she would lodge a complaint. According to the most recent information, police have recommended her to act in the situation.

After a media outlet published photos of Alia Bhatt using a zoom lens in her living room that were taken from an adjacent building, Mumbai Police requested that she register a case. When Alia criticised the situation on Instagram, she included the cops. According to the most recent information, the actor’s team is now looking into the situation and is in contact with the parties involved.

In response to the event, Alia had written on Tuesday, “Are you kidding me? When I sensed someone observing me, I was at home spending a completely ordinary afternoon in my living room. When I raised my head, I noticed two men on the terrace of the building next to me, looking directly at me with a camera. What kind of world does this fit into? Someone’s privacy has been blatantly violated! All lines were crossed today, and there are some things you should never do. She also tagged the Mumbai Police in her post.

Shaheen, author and sister of Alia, expressed her displeasure, “So suddenly it’s absolutely acceptable to use zoom lenses to see into people’s houses while lurking in nearby structures to create “content”? mature dudes. having cameras. Hiding across the road. Taking surreptitious photos of an UNAWARE woman. Without her CONSENT. In her HOME.” From Janhvi Kapoor to Arjun Kapoor to Anushka Sharma, several others too came out in support of Alia.

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