In the recent years, celebrities from all over the country have made an effort to spread the idea that the Indian film industry is one. North and South do not exist as separate regions. When two eminent figures from various languages appreciate one another, this message gains traction.

On Wednesday, Prithviraj Sukurmaran uploaded a photo of himself and Aamir Khan to Instagram. The image’s caption reads, “Inspiration, Idol.”

For the uninitiated, this photograph was taken at the Jaipur wedding of K Madhavan’s son Gautam Madhavan. A number of celebrities, including Karan Johar, Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, and Akshay Kumar, attended the wedding celebrations.

A different video of Akshay and Prithviraj performing a “kikli” became viral before. The celebrities seem to have had a great time at the wedding and are still reliving the memories.

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