Fab World Today reports parts of AK Moslehi’s speech about some acting tips. AK added:

The acting profession is so attractive so that its fans would put heart and soul into it to reach their desires. There are many ways to become an actor in Iran, however, none guarantees your success, so they are not likely to be considered 100-percent effective.

  1. The first way to get familiar with the art of acting is by educating in school or college of art. Interested people can take part in the art university entrance exam and pursue their education in the field of acting. Moreover, in the schools of art, one of the branches of performance art is acting, and enthusiasts can choose this field. 
  2. The second way that the majority choice is enrolling in acting courses and classes that are available in Tehran and other towns. In Tehran, the teachers of some acting classes are well-known figures. There is a lot to talk about acting courses, but the most significant point of attending these classes is distinguishing valid institutes from those that merely work for their sake and benefits, and they are just stores selling a degree at the end. 
  3. The third and most difficult way is to work in theatre groups and get to know the leading directors and involved staff, even though, be in touch with famous figures might not be convenient sometimes. 
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