Majid TR football school has started to register boys and girls ranging in age from 6- 17.

Khat News report: the manager  of TR football and futsal academy said we want to be one of the main and specialized  education centers of the football and futsal professional  in Turkey  under the auspices  of Majid Kalhouri , one of the young coaches from Iran  and futsal player with international  IPTC and  IPT coaching  degree , he  also mentioned we  tend to attract and recognize the  talents towards professional football and through joint international  investments make a gateway for  entering young players and talents of Iran and  other countries of region to professional football in the world.

He also added: those who are interested can visit in person the office of the TR football Academy in working days at 1o- 17 o’clock, located in unit 234 ,4th floor, Tra city shopping center, lara Region, Antalya in Turkey.

 For Registration; having sports insurance is mandatory, and other registrations requirements will also be announced in person.

Contact number: 00905398180170

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