Classic piano music varies in different genres. Even though most genres are considerably different, many people cannot identify them due to the lack of qualification.

 Piano Concerto:

Concerto is a performance that consists of an orchestra and a small group or soloist.

In a piano concerto, the piano is the solo instrument. During the performance, the contrast between the soloist and the group is sustained. Concerto, not merely, is constituted of three contradictory movements (fast and slow).

Yano Sonata:

The term “Sonat” has many concepts, however, the most common usage of this term implies a musical type from the classic era. Sonat usually consists of three to four movements in which the first move is in form of Sonata. Therefore, a piano Sonat is an independent performance for the solo piano that is performed in three to four movements.

Piano Trio:

A piano theater is one of the most regular types of contemporary music, including a piano and two other instruments.

The most common instruments are piano and violin. Prominent works such as Brahms.

Quintet piano:

The most common form of quintet piano is a piano with four other instruments, a piano with a quartet string.

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