Composer-guitarist Akshit Dhadwal speaks about how music helped him a lot in achieving his dreams, changing his life completely, and lots more.

From being a software engineer to getting selected at A.R. Rehman’s KMMC Music Conservatory, Chennai, to pursue a full-time musical career in the United States, he has done it all in a span of just a few years. 

He collaborated with various Bollywood celebrities, performed at various events, and eventually landed at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Music has completely changed his life, and he has met industry leaders such as A.R. Rehman Sir, Zakir Hussain Ji, and Shreya Ghoshal Mam.

Akshit Dhadwal revealed how it was to be at Berklee College of Music where people from all over the world were collaborating, making music that made the music industry melodies.

What was the feeling like when you decided to leave IT and pursue your musical career?

It was difficult as I was about to start everything from zero and didn’t know what the future held for me. I always believed in myself, and my family was supportive. Music was always there with me from my school days, but I never thought I’d be taking it as a career. After getting selected at A.R. Rehman’s KMMC Music Conservatory, Chennai, I decided to leave IT and pursue it professionally. I’m glad that I made the decision and it gave fruitful results.

Also, getting selected by Berklee College of Music and then by Quincy College of Music, Boston, MA, was extremely motivating and encouraging.

Was it difficult to adapt to the new culture of the United States?

In the beginning, yes, it was, but everyone here is helpful here and welcomed me with warm hearts. They knew I belonged to a different culture, so they treated me very nicely and taught me many things about their culture. Everyone helped me a lot whenever I got stuck, be it remembering the streets or even helping me remember the musical notes while composing new melodies. My new friends were so patient with me and taught me a different way of remembering things. My alumni gave a lot of advice and suggestions, and things went smoothly. Everyone has been very kind, sweet, and helpful to me in every way.

Lastly, what advice would you give to others who are seeking to pursue their career in music?

I have many friends who are engineers, marketers or belong to different fields. They don’t change their field because they are not willing to take the risks or leave the handsome package. Please advise us; even newbies ask me how to make a career in music.

I say they should believe in themselves and have belief in their dreams. If a person like me can make a shift and achieve his dreams, then anyone can.

When I left my IT job, I opened an academy, Veena Music Academy, where the doors were open for everyone of every age to learn guitar and Casio. At that time, I was advising people on how to start their musical careers, how to enhance their skills, and much more. Now I’m doing the same through my website,, where people from India, the United States, or any part of the world can contact me easily.

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