Finally, the official One Punch Man season 3 trailer has been released, revealing the return of the cast, the series team, and a new narrator. Most significantly, despite speculations that Madhouse was once again taking over animation, fans can now formally confirm that J.C. Staff is returning from the second season to animate the third.

Either way, the third season of One Punch Man has a trailer with the voices of Hikaru Midorikawa and Makoto Furukawa resuming their roles as Saitama and Garou, respectively. In addition, Daisuke Namikawa, who plays Dr. Genus, explains the whole thing throughout. Unfortunately, the trailer is currently only available in Japanese, so only speakers of that language will be able to comprehend what Genus is saying.

Apart from the previously mentioned, the third season of One Punch Man also unveiled a new hero image featuring the main character, Saitama. Chikashi Kubota, a returning character designer for the show, created the illustrations for the visual.

As previously reported, the One Punch Man season 3 teaser unveiled a new key image in addition to confirming the return of the show’s primary cast and team. The Saitama image is the first of several “Hero Visuals” that will be released every month, most likely through the month the series premieres, according to the official X (previously Twitter) account for the show.

Character designers Ryosuke Shirakawa and Shinjiro Kuroda, as well as the aforementioned Chikashi Kubota, are among the returning employees. The series’ music will once again be composed by Makoto Miyazaki, with Tomohiro Suzuki handling series composition duties. After a second season, J.C. Staff is back to animate. The official website for the anime states that no additional cast members have been announced for the series as of the time this article was written.

The series returns with the release of the season 3 trailer, after a quiet run of almost five years since the end of the second season. Even while there had been a lot of speaks at the time, this most recent information is only the second actual tease that fans have seen. The first was a preview image for the upcoming third season, showing Saitama and Garou side by side. Kubota also did a sketch for this image.

This batch of news had no information on the theme music or release date for the third season. It is expected that this information will become public in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

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