Online unofficial renders of Samsung’s anticipated foldable Galaxy Z series devices have begun to appear, suggesting that the debut may be approaching. Samsung hasn’t, however, made any public announcements on the launch. However, there’s more rumour-mongering news. This time, it comes from a publication that says Samsung will launch its Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 in Paris in addition to earlier in July.

Mid-July is when Samsung is expected to introduce or make public its sixth generation Galaxy Z foldables, according to a Korean publication called TheBell. This differs slightly from a more recent rumor by SamMobile that stated the foldables will actually be unveiled in the first part of July. The Korean magazine claims that the new launch date is roughly three to four weeks ahead of Samsung’s customary launch date for the Galaxy Z series. According to reports, the South Korean giant is targeting the European market with this launch, which also corresponds with the 2024 Summer Olympics, which begin on July 26 in Paris, France.

The location is also somewhat out of the typical, although the previously mentioned justifications seem to support this. Samsung has usually hosted its Unpacked presentations for the Galaxy Z series in the United States. The previous year was a deviation, since Samsung hosted its launch event in Seoul, South Korea, its home market.

Additionally, new details regarding the rumored cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 model have surfaced. According to a recent source, Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy Z Fold’s ‘Ultra’ edition this year, bringing the number of foldable devices up a notch. The more affordable foldable will lose some features in favor of this new variant, which is rumored to have an improved camera design.

Regarding the new and less expensive edition, Samsung is anticipated to lower the cost of this future foldable device by getting rid of the digitizers that sense the movement of the S Pen. The benefits of this in terms of lowering production costs, however, have not yet been demonstrated because the current Galaxy Z Flip series does not provide the same features and is still very costly to make. According to reports, Samsung is looking into ways to automate its foldable product line in order to save assembly costs.

Finally, the report makes a suggestion that the new, reasonably priced foldable might not be unveiled or made available in July along with the standard versions. In the fourth quarter of the year, there’s a possibility that Samsung will release the product independently. It is reported that the new models will prioritize thinner hinge while maintaining better hinge durability. According to reports, Samsung will continue to use Qualcomm processors in its newer models, such as the Galaxy S24 series.

The same source claims that Samsung is asking suppliers to finish quality testing of its new Galaxy Z foldable line by the end of April. In addition, it states that suppliers ought to have no trouble releasing the new products in two to three months. It was said that June was the original deadline. It is also not anticipated that Samsung would unveil any new foldable designs this year.

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