Slept on Artist out in Colorado

Most slept on Artist in Colorado by far has to be Foevabeatz. After spending some time looking up Michael Rashon Dowell aka Foevabeatz I’ve learned he has helped well over 200 artist in the state of Colorado alone. From beats, collaborations, Mixing, and editing music videos he has had a hand in the success of artist like: Kizoku93, Mostax_music, Lazy Shotta, Black Static Blue Flame and more. Foevabeatz was born and raised in a small town in Oklahoma called Lawton aka Shady 5280.

The oldest of 5 boys, you can see the leadership he has brought to Colorado in the past 5 years he has been out there. Outside of the help he has giving to others, his music alone is a standout in itself. Currently Foevabeatz has dropped a full catalog of music in just the past year. Works like “Jungle” 1.7 million streams and “Heart of the City” 800k streams being his most popular works to date, give you some insides of his work ethics. Foevabeatz overall though is truly known for his production skills. He currently records well over 100 artist in the Denver/Aurora area all upcoming artist with talents as well. If Foevabeatz wasn’t on your radar before, he should be now.

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