People have to face a lot of challenges in their life but only the ones who go through them instead of halting them are the ones who make it to the top. Hardships are common and hard work is uncommon. Rana Lincoln Das is an established personality who never gave up, no matter how bad the circumstances. There are either results or consequences to incidents, and it is you who decides which ones your life has.

He went on with his life, never backing down. Rana Lincoln Das Continue to receive his education and started working after he was done with that. He had the opportunity to work for his maternal grandfather’s company once he came back to live in Goa. It was and is a training and psychotherapy company. Nothing too difficult, but also nothing too easy to do. he was always enthusiastic about his work and hence it showed in his efforts. This is the reason why Rana was soon promoted to the position of the managing director.

Rana Lincoln Das was born on 5th October. He was interested in sports like any other young boy, full of enthusiasm and passion. In fact, he played so well that he was selected to play for the state under 14 cricket teams. This was great news for him and he carried on quite well along with this role, but this happiness was only short lived. He was pretty sure about pursuing a career in this field but all his dreams came crashing down when he suffered a pretty serious injury that did not allow him to play anymore.

Rana Lincoln Das Is now well established in his modelling and acting career. Along with his willingness to work, the number of fans on his social media have also increased. So much, that he is often called over to big functions as a chief guest. He has also spoken in order to inspire the younger generations, willing to help as many people as possible as once upon a time, he too was demotivated because of his situations. He wants to not only inspire others but also become a famous personality who is not just known for his work but also for being the person that he is.

Becoming the managing director opened up so many new opportunities in front of him. Rana Lincoln Das was a busy man, having to work alongside VIP members and Bollywood stars. This is how his acting career came into view. He was recognised by a Bollywood company and given a role in a movie. As mentioned earlier, he was never upset about the work that he was doing but rather accepting. And this was more than exciting news for him, because now, not only were his profits going to increase threefold but also he would also gain a lot of popularity.

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