Marlowe is merely 19 years of age. But when it comes to singing and writing songs, she is exceptionally talented. She has won hearts of countless with her incredible singing songs and cool lyrics. She hails from Toronto, Canada and has worked with a slew of producers in her hometown carving her niche hard in singing and writing songs. She started young in her early teens and now has her own identity when it comes to singing songs and writing them.

Her magic with her bold singing is not just confined in Toronto but has gone beyond her place to the US. She has travelled to places like Los Angeles, the hub for music and music lovers. She did a couple of shows and concerts collaborating with a few music lovers and producers in the US. With the help of her producer Ramii, she was able to develop strong communities and get good talents to give a good exposure to her singing ability and song. 

Her collaboration went on to give her debut songs like Puzzle and EP. It is an honest creation when it comes to singing and giving her voice for them. She is able to aptly play around the youth emotions with her songs and her writings. She is able to market herself the best with her incredible voice and singing. She is working on her other songs, which are going to be launched soon. Her fans are desperately waiting to catch them. Let’s hope to see them coming soon on the digital platform.

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