‘Adhura’ Plot

Vedant (Shrenik Arora), a shy youngster who is victimized by other students, is the main character of the first chapter. One evening, they lock away him inside locker, leaving him terrified until Vedant comes to his rescue from a “mysterious” source. After that occurrence, things start to change as Vedant takes command of school-related incidents and teaches his attackers a lesson. The 2007 cohort of students at the “Nilgiri Hills” school are getting ready for their reunion and couldn’t be more thrilled to see their old friends. Ishwak Singh (Adhiraj), who was the top student in the class of 2007, is now a professor at a college in Boston. He plans to see his best friend Ninad Raman (Poojan Chhabra) there and finish what they started fifteen years ago.

The Dean tells Vedant to stay away from all the reunion festivities since he doesn’t want to cause trouble. Vedant is supervised by the student counselor at the school, Ms. Supriya Ghosh (Rasika Dugal). As soon as the reunion batch meets for their group shot, mysterious things begin to happen. Adhiraj starts looking for his best friend to learn where he is and enquires of his buddies as to what happened on the last day of school. Adhiraj has self-guilt and loathing and wants to mend fences with Ninad once again. In part of this quest, he uncovers truths that have been hiding on the school campus for fifteen years.

Adhiraj asks Supriya for help to find out more about Ninad, and when he tries to make a connection between Ninad and Vedant, he alerts her to the danger. Supriya makes every effort to support Vedant, but she suffers from her own hidden secrets from the past.


All the characters within the series, right from the lead to the supporting cast, blend properly with the storyline and have an identical position to play in the plot’s progression. Ishwak Singh gives you a compelling performance as anxiety-hit person who is continuously fighting his demons of the past. His nuanced performance in lots of conditions lends a feel of credibility to his well-sketched arch.

Rasika Dugal perfectly essays the role of a student counsellor who intends to assist Vedant but however she cannot help herself while she is haunted by secrets and techniques of her past. Her calculated portrayal of emotions make her steal every frame that she is in.

Shrenik Arora has done stellar performance as a calm boy character. In the absence of Vedant and while conversation with Rasika the transformation of Shrenik Arora is very appreciable.

Storyline like this required an engageable supporting cast like Zoa Morani, Sahil Salathia, Poojan Chhabra and Rijul Ray.


The storyline is crafted very skillfully by the director-duo name is Gaurav Chawla and Ananya Banerjee. It does not deals with horror in form of supernatural beings but the horrors of being bullied and dealing with the horrors of one’s haunting past. The cinematography by Srijan Chaurasia and background score by John Stewart Eduri, lends ‘Adhura’ its spooky setting.

‘Adhura’ is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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