You like pancakes? Do you like tacos? Now picture this: a pancake with tacos.

You might inquire, “What are you taco-ing about?” It’s IHOP’s most current development − a sweet and exquisite handheld flapjack that will be accessible cross country temporarily.

After the previous summer’s “Choco-Hotcake” debut in Houston, the organization marked exploration to recognize what shoppers were searching for in new menu things, similar to quality, decision, and worth.

According to Arthur Carl II, chef and culinary vice president of IHOP, “We didn’t want to simply redo that item, but rather bring to life a dish that leverages our best-selling pancakes in an innovative way that is both fun and different to deliver guests a unique dining experience.” These hand-made pancakes are inspired by our breakfast tradition and offer a sweet, savory, or both option for everyone to enjoy throughout the day.

When and where to track down taco flapjacks
The taco flapjacks are accessible the entire day at cross country IHOPs, going for $6 for three taco hotcakes. They are accessible just from July 5-30.

From July 21 to July 30, PanCoins members can also earn three times as many reward points.

The new taco flapjack choices
New Strawberry Cheesecake Flapjack Taco −Fresh cut strawberries and velvety cheesecake mousse inside a collapsed silver dollar hotcake, can be finished off with chocolate chips.
Caramel Banana Pancake Taco: Sliced bananas in a folded silver dollar pancake are topped with dulce de leche caramel sauce and creamy cheesecake mousse. Chocolate chips can also be added.
Breakfast Pancake Taco: A folded silver dollar pancake stuffed with scrambled eggs, hickory-smoked bacon, a blend of jack and cheddar cheeses, and white cheese sauce. Recommend topping with salsa.
Country Chicken and Sauce Flapjack Taco −Crispy chicken, destroyed hash tans, and country sauce inside a collapsed silver dollar hotcake, that can be finished off with pickles for an extra pungent crunch.

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