Trying to implement more maximalism, also known as design) into your home, however not certain where to begin? We sought guidance from a maximalism master.

Maximalist interiors emphasize overindulging; “more color, more pattern, and more texture by combining patterns, prints, weaves, florals, ikats, stripes, geometrics, and botanical motifs that work wonderfully together to create truly inviting and rich, layered interiors that deliver wow factor,” says Stefan Ormenisan, co-founder and managing director of MindTheGap.

‘Decorating with pattern can be intimidating, but rather than following current interior design trends, look for a standout pattern that speaks to you personally and build a scheme around that design. Your starting point could be a vase, cushion, rug, or wallpaper. By building a scheme around an item you love, you’ll find your own personal maximalist aesthetic,’ according to this article.

The addition of wallpaper is an excellent place to begin a maximalist transformation. A backdrop will convey the best effect in any inside. Layer more pattern and color on top of a favorite wallpaper as the foundation for your design scheme. Pair it with other floral or botanical prints in fabrics and accessories.

“The joy of maximalist interiors is frequently the combination or pairing of patterns, like Ikats and stripes or geometrics and floral and botanical designs.” If you want your space to feel truly maximalist, you should avoid using a feature wall because it will look uninteresting. Instead, use wallpaper on all four walls to embrace pattern.

“It’s not just textiles and soft furnishings that will bring a maximalist touch to a space,” you might want to think about making a display to celebrate the things you love. An interior will have a maximalist vibe if collections of things, like ceramics, art, or glassware, are layered in. When arranging your objects, uniformity is a good idea because it will ensure that your collection appears organized rather than cluttered.

Consider starting in transitional spaces if this is your first time adding pattern to your home. Bathrooms and hallways are great places to experiment with a new appreciation for pattern. There is less pressure in places where we pass through or spend less time, allowing for more daring design choices to be made.

When combining a variety of patterns, it’s important to keep your design scheme from feeling cluttered or overly busy. Keep your color choices to a certain level of saturation, mid-tones, brights, or pastels, but do not mix them across these color tones. This will ensure that your maximalist interior is both stylish and cohesive. Keep to a limited color palette to ensure that your interior feels sophisticated and refined.

‘Treat your home as a whole, and make it an immersive sanctuary by using patterns that run through it all. Injecting patterns or textiles from the same stylistic family throughout the home will create moments of familiarity and harmony, bringing a cohesive and considered feel to your maximalist interior, whether that’s with stripes, Ikats, or floral block prints.

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