CMF, a subsidiary of Nothing, has established itself as a market leader thanks to its reasonably priced chargers, earbuds, and neckbands. But according to a recent leak, CMF may be going one step further by getting into the smartphone market.

A gadget bearing the model number “A015” was discovered in the BIS certification database of India. The BIS clearly identifies this model number as a CMF device, despite the fact that it was first connected to the forthcoming Nothing Phone (3).

This puts any doubt about it being Phone (3) to rest and raises the possibility that this was CMF’s very first smartphone.

Additionally, the model number “A015” differs from Nothing’s standard naming convention, which uses A063 for Phone (1) and A065 for Phone (2). It strengthens the concept of a phone bearing the CMF brand even further.

It wouldn’t be shocking if CMF released a smartphone given its emphasis on pricing as a less expensive option to Nothing. Although CMF products have some design cues from their parent brand, they are usually more straightforward and less expensive.

This phone may be inexpensive given its CMF logo. Beyond the model number, there aren’t much facts available regarding features and cost. Thus, we should proceed cautiously while dealing with this news.

It will be interesting to observe how CMF differentiates itself in the very competitive market for low-cost smartphones. Furthermore, it’s unclear if CMF devices will receive the same attention as its Nothing counterparts.

The actual purpose of the A015 gadget is still unknown. We’ll have to wait and see if it’s a smartphone or something else entirely.

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