China Mobile declared this week that 5G-Advanced, also known as 5.5G/5GA, has officially launched on its network. The next generation of mobile communication, known as 5.5G, promises increases in speed, latency, and reliability above standard 5G. Oppo swiftly revealed its intentions to include 5G-Advanced in its Find X7 series, and now vivo, another part of the BBK Group, is also expected to follow suit.

Later this month, an OTA update will enable 5.5G to be installed on a number of devices, including the Vivo X Fold3, X Fold 3 Pro, and X100 series. The 5.5G support is also planned for the iQOO 12 series and iQOO Neo 9 series.

On Weibo, a picture of a Vivo X100 using China Mobile’s 5.5G network with a download speed of 3619.19 Mbps and an upload speed of 160.75 Mbps surfaced. While these 5.5G network speed tests are amazing, they only represent a small portion of the theoretical speeds that the standard is expected to enable.

Up to 10 Gbps downlink and 1 Gbps uplink speeds are possible with 5G-Advanced. Improved network stability and millisecond latency were also stated in the press announcement from China Mobile.

Although 5G-Advanced is only available in a few cities at the moment, it is still undergoing testing in China. By the end of the year, China Mobile intends to expand the network to over 300 cities, including the enormous metropolitan areas of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

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