Songwriting, unlike poetry, may seem simpler. In the song, slang and broken words can be used, the tone of the words can be (and it is better) conversational.

These days, if one is to enter the professional world of popular music, in addition to the art of playing, one must be familiar with poetry and literature, recording techniques and mastering. Many great Western readers have been and still are, and the culmination of this tradition was the Nobel Prize in Literature for Bob Dylan. Of course, this process began with the Beatles. This means that after the Beatles, in addition to playing and singing, singers also began to compose their own songs. These singers are called singer-songwriters and have a rich and rooted tradition in the popular music of the English-speaking world.

Do not expect to be able to get anywhere by writing the first song. If you are lame in weight and prosody, read a book on the subject. Also, do not think that you have to write two pages of a song. A concise but impressive song is much better than a weak, meaningless ten-minute rap. Of course, if you want to write a rap song, your hands are much more open!

So, your song should be between 100 and 300 words. After all, you are not going to write a novel. Do not forget that the language of poetry and song is different from the ordinary language of conversation. Poetry must be effective. For example, in Persian and Arabic literature, quatrains or in Japanese literature, haiku are very concise and concise. But usually, the last line of these poetic forms astonishes the reader or listener.

It is better to make music first and then put poetry on it. Of course, this is not a general rule. It is just a recommendation. Sometimes poetry and music may play a role in the artist’s mind at the same time. Find a quiet place. Where no one disturbs you. Start making melodies and music and join it. There is no great artist in the world of poetry and music who says to himself before creating his work of art: I want to write a poem about nature now. Or we want to make a song about an occasion. The work of art usually comes intrusively into the artist’s house.

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