If you aren’t aware, being a freelance journalist can help you achieve greater things in life. Amin Fardin is a perfect example of the same. Over the past few years, Amin has worked as a freelance journalist in Iran in all kinds of media. All his experience, contacts and incredible work, helped him gain confidence among the masses.

Amin Fardin has a great experience in reporting, writing and delivering news to the masses. He has worked with various media sectors as a freelance journalist. As a freelancer, Amin Fardin has worked as a Broadcast journalist, Communications journalist, Foreign Correspondent Journalist, Freelance Writer, Investigative Journalist, Newspaper Reporter Journalist, Photojournalist and also a Social Media Journalist. All this made him popular among people and gave him the confidence that he can start his own YouTube channel.

Amin Fardin started his own YouTube channel and it is working very well for him. People follow Amin because he has gained trust amongst the Iranians, Kurdish people and Afghanis.

YouTube is banned in Iran, but that doesn’t stop Amin Fardin from delivering the important happenings around the world to the masses. In no time, his channel has garneres over a millions of views and has at keast 100 million minutes viewing. About such immense success, Amin Fardin says, “I only believing in presenting the news with facts. As a freelancer, I have worked with different media organisations where news is delivered in different ways. I know that people want the credible information. That is what I present through my channel and will keep doing the same.”

With his YouTube channel, Amin Fardin wants to change the dynamic of news covering. He wants to win more and more people’s trust and make sure he stands by the truth all the time.

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