On August 25, Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon Assault made its way into the hands of gamers all over the world. The PC version of the game has had a great first weekend, surpassing all Souls games and Sekiro in terms of peak concurrent players.

Defensively covered Center 6’s kind of quick moving mech activity is somewhat of a takeoff from the dim dream RPGs that From Software has sold to players throughout the past 10 years. In any case, the fantastic battle, rebuffing however fair trouble, and massive happiness in defeating its many difficulties bear all the DNA that enthusiasts of the engineer have come to cherish.

Armored Core 6’s tutorial boss has already been credited with making it one of FromSoftware’s most difficult games to date. Players have even been crushing regulators in dissatisfaction at the game’s precarious expectation to learn and adapt.

Despite this, according to the Steam database, Armored Core 6 has captivated 156,171 concurrent players in its first weekend. Even though it hasn’t been as successful as Elden Ring, it has beaten out every other PC game from FromSoft to come in second place in the developer’s stacked catalog.

Separating the progress of Protected Center 6

Protected Center 6 has blown past the pinnacle simultaneous player count of other late FromSoftware titles on PC like Sekiro (125,315) and Dull Spirits 3 (129,975). This may have been influenced in some way by Elden Ring’s success.

According to their own measurements of concurrent player counts, Elden Ring is the sixth most popular game ever on Steam. The iconic game introduced the wider gaming community to FromSoftware’s design philosophy, attracting a massive 953,426 players at its peak.

Armored Core 6, the developer’s first game since Elden Ring, certainly garnered a lot of attention. FromSoft has demonstrated that they are not a one-trick pony, as evidenced by their review scores.

The new Armored Core title’s success does not exclude the dedicated fanbase of previous installments. While Flames of Rubicon is the 6th numbered portion in the establishment, veterans of the series have been standing by over 10 years for another Shielded Center and positively appeared for this one.

Few out of every odd devotee of the establishment is happy with the most up to date Protected Center obviously. Some long-lasting fanatics of the series have blamed the designer for lying about the game’s similitude to ‘Soulsborne’ games leading the pack up to deliver, venturing to refer to it as “Defensively covered Spirits”.

Regardless of that, a mind-boggling number of players are very taken with Protected Center 6 and the game’s unmatched customization suite. Gaming icons like the Minecraft Creeper and Pepsi Man, among others, have been the inspiration for players to create and share bizarre mechs.

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