The first flip-style foldable phone from Honour, the Honour Magic V Flip, was just released in China. Recently, Honour CEO Zhao Ming spoke about the company’s first tiny folding phone, the Magic V Flip, as well as the Honour Magic V2, which was previously introduced. He also made a clue about Magic V3’s impending release.

Honor Magic V3 to sport a record-breaking design

soon after the release of the Magic V Flip, Ming disclosed in a meeting that the Honour Magic V3 is presently undergoing intense development, with the assurance that it will be a remarkable and state-of-the-art foldable phone. He highlighted Honor’s dedication to innovation by pointing out that the Magic V2 is still the thinnest foldable phone available, eleven months and twenty days after the 9.9mm thickness test. He reaffirmed Honor’s commitment to shattering its own records, emphasising that this is a fundamental principle of the business.

It that in July 2023, the Honour Magic V2 was revealed. With its folded thickness of 9.9 mm and its unfolded thickness of 4.7 mm, it has been declared the thinnest foldable phone in the world. This represents a major advancement in foldable phone design as it makes it thinner than many conventional straight-screen phones.

With its 5,700mAh battery, the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro currently has the biggest battery found in a foldable phone. Even with its massive battery capacity, it has a thin profile when unfolded, measuring only 5.2 mm, and when folded, it measures 11.2 mm.

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