Reverse number search for Pixel smartphones is now being pushed out by Google, according a report. The ‘Lookup’ tool was first made available to Google Pixel owners in Japan, and it seems that it is spreading to other countries. The tech giant revealed that it will be expanding the Lookup tool, which allows users to identify unfamiliar numbers straight from their call history, in the Pixel tool Drop for June 2024.

Updates to Google Pixel phones include the Lookup feature:

Pixel owners are currently receiving this capability, according to a 9to5Google report. According to reports, Google app version 132, which is presently in beta, saw it in the Phone. It appears to be a server-side function, so users won’t have to actively upgrade the Phone app in order to take use of it.

Google announced earlier this week that Google Pixel owners would be able to access the Lookup tool as part of the most recent tool Drop. It’s not yet clear when the feature will be available to all users because it was only noticed in a beta version.

How the Google Pixel Lookup function works:

Users only need to tap on an unknown number in the Recents tab of the Phone app in order to utilize it. It is now said that a new Lookup icon is available in addition to the current options, which include Add Contacts, Message, and History. The device instantly searches the internet for the chosen unknown recent caller when it is tapped.

On April 5, tipster Assemble Debug discovered the capability in the Google Phone app beta version 127.0.620688474 on X (previously Twitter). Then, it was suggested that users might be able to select from a variety of apps, Google Search being one of the options, that could look up the number on the internet.

Since personal phone numbers are unlikely to be found in public databases, the Lookup tool is probably only useful for phone numbers associated with companies that are publicly listed online. It appears to be limited to Pixel smartphones at this time. It’s unclear if it will also be available for other Android smartphones.

A shortcut for Contact ringtones has been rumored as another new feature in the Phone app, in addition to Lookup. It is mentioned under the Audio Emoji option in the Phone app’s settings. It is rumored that this feature may only be available to a small number of users and has not been fully rolled out.

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